Hey Zeig! What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Zeigfried Dima-ala. I am known as “Zeig” to Vietnamese friends and the rest of the world while my Chinese and Korean friends call me “Fred”. .

I hail from a city well-known for its Piaya and Chicken Inasal – you have guessed it right – Bacolod City, Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business from one of the top universities in the Philippines.

I never wanted to become a teacher until I discovered the world of TESOL. I love gadgets & gadgetry (I love my smartwatch!). I also love to watch movies plus travelling around the world with my amazing wife and children.

I’ve lived in New Zealand, China, Vietnam and spent quite some time in many other countries for a visit. 

What motivated you to become an English teacher?

Two things motivated me:

a) First, there was the desire to increase my income than the one that I was earning while still living in the Philippines.

b) Second, I wanted to see the world. I love to travel and somehow English teaching was my ticket to explore wonders in many destinations in our amazing planet. 






In Canada

How has teaching English changed your life?

It changed my life the way how I had exactly hoped for: it gave me an opportunity to have a better income plus being able to travel to many places. But other than that, teaching English abroad allowed me to have new friends from different corners of the world: Chinese, Vietnamese, American, etc.






In New Zealand

What do you feel is the best part of being an English teacher?

The best part is the immersion. As a teacher, you are fully immersed everyday in real lives of people. You also get a sampling of other people’s. It is very enriching indeed.

Where are you teaching English now and how do you like it?

I’m teaching English in Metro Vancouver, Canada at the moment. I’m working at an English center which is fully funded by the Canadian government.

I teach English as a Second Language to adult immigrants and refugees that come here. I like it a lot because I get to learn from the students whom I teach while they also learn from me.






In Canada

Anything you want to say to anyone on the fence getting their TESOL Certificate?

While it was my motivation at first, I grew to realize that TESOL is not all about the money nor is it just about imparting your knowledge of the English language… it’s also about the process of transforming your life by learning things from the students whose lives you’ve touched…and that is priceless.