About Career Coach Academy

In a nutshell, C.C.A is a premier academy that offers specialized online and in-class courses   licensed by U.S.A and U.K. Accrediting Institutions. 

We are here:


779 Nippashi cho, Minami Ward, Shizuoka 432-8058, Japan

New York

90 Church St., FL 1 #3514 New York, NY 10008 USA

The Story of our Logo :

Our logo has been designed with a few things in mind. Here’s the significance of each piece:

A Latin motto, explained in detail below

The font used is Trajan Pro. It is a font style that has been found on a column in Rome, it has stayed the same for thousands of years. We used this font because we believe in timeless principles like diligence, integrity, etc.

A shield is used to signify protection. When you are educated, you are better prepared for the future.

A phoenix, a mythical bird that is said to be able to rise from it’s own ashes. To signify that no matter where you are in life, you can rise from your situation. The pheonix is looking to the right, to symbolize that the phoenix is looking torwards the future and not the past 

What do the Latin inscriptions mean?

Our motto is: Visio – Integritatis – Veritas

But what do they mean?

Visio means vision. Because it’s where everything starts. You are living your life the normal way until you have a vision of what your life could be. Maybe you could be an english teacher, maybe you could start your own business. It all starts with Vision and it is something we encourage.

Integritatis means integrity. Vision is the goal, the way to get there is another matter. We believe that integrity is the best policy.

Veritas means truth. It is the essence of education, learning about the truth about the world and acting upon it.

There are the 3 things that will help you most in your career: A goal (Visio), a compass (Integritatis) and knowledge of how things work (Veritas)