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Career Coach Academy’s TESOL/TEFL is among the most highly-regarded teacher training institutions globally. With more than 3,100 teacher graduates, it has indeed earned a special reputation among teachers due to its high-quality certification and diploma programs. To date, it has opened its TESOL/TEFL program in Japan.

Our Asia-pacific headquarters located in Tokyo, Hamamatsu and Nagoya are now accepting enrollees for its certificate and diploma program. Its initial course offering include Diploma in TESOL/TEYL, Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Masterclass TESOL.

Career Coach Academy was originally founded in 2006 by one of our trainers and operated under a different name. By 2017, the vision to put up a world-class training institution was taken by up Marie Yagome, and a couple of American and French educators.

The company´s philosophy has been the
same since the first day: to provide high

quality training in a friendly and professional environment. In fact, we believe you can’t have one without the other.

We are confident enough to say that we been continually achieving this goal; our trainees consistently mention the dedication and experience of our team, the professionalism and dedication poured into lectures and workshops; the friendly and amazing support that they receive and the family-like environment existing in our core.

We are proud of our achievements in such a competitive field. We have grown through the years enormously and we plan to continue this growth in all areas of the academy’s activities. This has only been possible because we have always followed our simple philosophy which is ‘service comes first before all else.’

We hope you will soon be able to experience and understand the CCA way of doing things.

Years of Experience

Successful students

The Premier TESOL Provider:



Accredited in the U.K.

Career Coach has trained 3100+ successful students all around the world

Accredited in the U.S.A.

Career Coach has trained 3100+ successful students all around the world

3100+ Successful students

Career Coach has trained 3100+ successful students all around the world

16 Years of Experience

Career Coach has trained 3100+ successful students all around the world

Career Coach TESOL Success Stories

“Training with my coach at C.C.A. opened up many opportunities for me in the world of teaching.”

Amira Alanzalon, Working Teacher

“My coach at C.C.A. as a teacher really helps his students understand the lessons. He is the best trainer I know.”

Konno Wilma, Borderlink

“I learned the ins and outs of grammar and pronunciation from  my favorite trainer (from CCA). Thank you so much I will never forget you.”

Miki Margallo, Berlitz

“A coach of C.C.A. helped put up our English school. He trained our teachers. He did everything from interior design to training and development. This guy is super talented. We love him here in Niigata” 

Nikki Suan, School Owner

“My coach is a great mentor. He will do everything to help his students reach their goals. That is why I recommend everyone to take their TESOL certificate with C.C.A. You won’t regret it”

Red Yoshida, Interac

“If it wasn’t for C.C.A. I would never have gotten my dream job teaching English online. I am so grateful!”

Christine Joy, Online Teacher

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Highly Qualified Trainers For Those Who
Want The Best TESOL Training

Career Coach Academy has the highest rated TESOL Trainers so that you can get world-class TESOL training. Our roster of faculty have studied and worked for these well-known authorities:

Have Questions about TESOL?

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What requirements to get a TESOL Certificate?
The short answer is: All you need to be qualified for a TESOL Certificate is to be an intermediate English speaker. That’s it.
No need for a bachelor’s degree or even a high school diploma.

The longer answer is, most positions will require you to have at least a high school diploma.
It’s not mandatory but without one your options will be limited.

Do I need to be a native speaker to get my TESOL Certificate?
You do not need to be a native speaker (Usually referring to native speakers from English speaking countries like the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, etc.).

Your English only needs to be in the intermediate level . The good news is, if you can read and comprehend these words, your English is probably good enough to become an English teacher.

What is Special about C.C.A. TESOL?

While you can technically get your TESOL anywhere, you want to be discerning in your choice. Why? Because you do not want to stand in front of your prospective employer and have your TESOL License refused. This unfortunately happens more than you think.

C.C.A.’s TESOL License in another hand is accredited in the United Kingdom by CPD U.K.

How long does it take to complete TESOL?

You have two options. Both require different times to complete. Your first option is the in-class TESOL License where you come to class for 3 days plus 7 online classes through our virtual classroom. 

The other option is self-paced online. This means you can complete it as fast or as slow as you want. There are no time limits imposed upon you, so no stress to complete it. Simply do as much as you can and complete it at your own pace.

With our versatile online system, you can just pull up your phone and spend a few minutes of your time to get you closer to becoming an English teacher.

If you are in a hurry, you could complete it in no time. One of our students completed the course modules in 4 days. This is not common and that student was pretty well-skilled, but it is possible.

What If I fail the course? Can I still get my Certificate?
Here’s some good news, it’s impossible to fail the C.C.A course. Our students have a 99.9% success rate on the first try.

For the rare 0.1% who don’t make it the first time, we take them by the hand until they succeed. There is no extra fee to retake the license exams.

Everyone who signs up gets their TESOL Certificate and most get it right away. But even those who need a bit more of an extra push in certain areas also get it. With C.C.A., you will always get your TESOL License.

Who will teach me the TESOL Course?
You teacher will be one of the following…

Noel Castaneda Licensed English Proficiency Trainer at TESDA from 2010-2015 Head Trainer at Call Center Academy American Accent Trainer at Vantage Training Systems Training & Recruitment Head @ Outsourced Training Call Center Trainer from 2008-2013 Public school Teacher in Osaka 2017- present Pre- International school teacher in Osaka 2018-present


Werly Beng Sumcad ESL/ EFL Teacher, Philippines (2007-2009) English and Science Teacher, Thailand (2009-2015) ALT (Assistant Language Teacher), Japan (2015-present) Professional Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) Passer TESOL/ TEYL Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science: minor in English Master of Arts in Education Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management(enrolled)

Mavericc Mijares Licensed TEFL Instructor with International TEFL and TESOL Training 2015 Head Trainer within BPO industry Cyber City (now IQOR) 2003 Training Department Supervisor Teleperformance Sta. Rosa 2006 Founding Member MacGroup Inc Call Center 2009 Online ESL Teacher for 12 years
How much is the TESOL Course?

This depends whether you choose in-class or the online option. If you choose in-class, the investment involved in becoming an English teacher are 3 payments of ¥25,000 yen. If you choose the online only option, the fee is Php 7,500. Both options are equally valid and both can give you your TESOL Certificate.

Please note that this is an investment for your future. This investment usually pays for itself on your first month of teaching English. If you look at our past successful students their TESOL Certificate paid for itself the very first month.

Are there hidden fees and charges?

There are no hidden fees with C.C.A. Everything like enrollment, certificate registration and licensing costs are all included in the learning investment.

The fees are all inclusive, including shipping if you take the online option.



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